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As an engineer you love puzzles. Your key strength is to analyze situations and, when required, to come up with unique solutions to complex problems. Driven by your mental agility, you have high potential for creativity and flexibility. How can you use these skills to your full potential?

Bart – test engineer

“Simultaneously, I gained hands-on design and test engineering experience”.

Michael – software engineer

“My software will radically change the way of the energy infrastructure automation”.

Industry 4.0 skills

Industry 4.0 is more than just a technological development. Changes in production scenarios and automation technology requires both technical capabilities and agility. Smart Industry Recruiters identified 3 core competencies to effectively deal with innovation:

  • Digital capabilities (work with intelligent data)
  • Technical automation capabilities (sensors and control systems)
  • Learning Agility skills (change agility) learn more via the Academy

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Smart Industry Recruiters are certified Learning Agility assessors and provide professional career coaching to both graduates and experienced hires. Directly schedule and manage your discovery call via this link

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Our network consists of world leading companies with high corporate values. They are innovative in their industry. High values and standards come from a firm recruitment process. We are second to none in this process as Smart Industry Recruiters have an outstanding track record in multinational recruiting with consultants that are both experienced and professional.